Lisa Chrestman

Lisa Chrestman

Lisa Chrestman helps sick puppies and kittens at Mississippi State's College of Veterinary Medicine, working as an equivalent to a registered nurse at a hospital. She's also full-time mother and trainer to English Bulldog, TaTonka, the university's current incarnation of mascot Bully.

An employee of MSU for 15 years, Chrestman's love for animals led her to the College of Veterinary Medicine's emergency room, where she takes care of ailing dogs and cats. Along with training veterinary medicine students in technical aspects in the field, Chrestman helps make sick pets leave with smiles and wagging tails.

"I like to know I'm helping someone else enjoy their time with their pets," Chrestman said.

She also loves taking care of her adopted family member, an easy-going Bulldog. Chrestman takes Tonka to work with her most days and spends nearly each hour with the university's mascot, perhaps spending as much time with him as with her two children.

"He's with me all of the time," Chrestman said. "Usually, if we go on vacation, he goes too."