Mississippi State debuts new interactive campus map system

A screenshot from MSU's new interactive campus map, available at www.msstate.edu/campus-map/.
A screenshot from MSU's new interactive campus map, available at www.msstate.edu/campus-map/.

Mississippi State University has announced the implementation of its new online campus map, a richly interactive tool that will help guide students, parents, alumni and other visitors around campus, both online and in person. The map was created in conjunction with concept3D, Inc., developers of the CampusBird interactive mapping platform.

"We believe this tool will not only serve our existing students, faculty and staff, but will also serve to amplify our recruiting efforts nationally as out-of-state students are able to virtually navigate our campus in a meaningful way," said MSU President Mark E. Keenum.

Highlights of the new Mississippi State University Map include a self-guided walking tour of MSU's historic buildings, 360-degree panoramas of significant buildings, detailed photographs of residence and academic buildings, directions to numerous on-campus eateries, and reflections on the many monuments and memorials on campus. The map is built on top of Google Maps, which enables users to zoom in or pan out to the exact level of detail desired.

The interactive map is expected to be instrumental as a way-finding tool, helping incoming freshmen and others new to campus make their way around unfamiliar environs. It is also anticipated to be useful for alumni who haven't visited the campus recently and who perhaps will encounter new and renovated buildings. While on campus, visitors can take advantage of the map as a navigation aid by viewing it on their smartphones, or they can use the website map as a tool in planning a trip ahead of time.

"There are many different users this map will serve," said MSU Chief Communications Officer Sid Salter. "Along with new students and alumni, parents and other campus visitors will be better able to experience what Mississippi's flagship research university has to offer."

Salter said the interactive map's implementation will be completed in phases. "It's vital in this first phase that the Office of Public Affairs received as much input as possible from MSU stakeholders about ways to refine and improve this tool moving forward," said Salter. "We hope our academic departments will begin helping us develop a robust library of programmed walking tours specific to their departments -- with the same true for all aspects of campus life."

MSU alumni and friends are encouraged to share the map's URL with potential students. "Prospective students come here from every state in the country to learn more about our quality programs," Salter said. "This interactive map brings our campus to life and helps convey what Mississippi State is all about."

Salter said the tool works on standard computers, tablets and smartphones. He said the university hopes to add functionality to the interactive map in future iterations.

To learn more, please visit http://www.msstate.edu/campus-map/ .

Thu, 11/06/2014 - 06:00