Peavey, MSU sign partnership agreement

Contact: Maridith Geuder

Mississippi State University engineering students will have new hands-on learning opportunities as part of an agreement being signed Tuesday [Sept. 23] with Peavey Electronics.

Based in Meridian, Peavey manufactures more than 3,000 products, including power amplifiers, public address sound systems, microphones, solid-body electric guitars, keyboards, drums, musical instrument amplifiers, and computerized sound systems.

Engineering Dean A. Wayne Bennett and Hartley and Melia Peavey will sign the partnership document at a 3 p.m. ceremony at the Peavey Center, the company's international headquarters. Hartley Peavey is the chief executive officer, while his wife Melia is president.

The agreement provides for new student internship and cooperative education work opportunities.

"Peavey Electronics is at the forefront of technology within the music industry," Bennett said. "This agreement will bring more top engineering students and graduates to Meridian to help build on that dominance as well as help make Peavey Electronics a stronger presence on campus."

Peavey also will sponsor a variety of other activities, including student field trips to company plants and student recognition events.

"This partnership will provide practical learning experiences for students, as well as focus them on the issues of technology confronted by Peavey," Bennett said. It also will introduce students to potential career opportunities there, he added.

"Peavey Electronics is home to a number of Mississippi State graduates who are making important contributions to our work," said Hartley Peavey, a 1965 Mississippi State graduate.

"We're excited about opportunities to contribute to the education of students at Mississippi State and to raise the visibility of Peavey Electronics as an outstanding place to work in Mississippi," said Melia Peavey.

Activities will be under way in the next month, she said.

Mon, 09/22/1997 - 05:00